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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the tutoring sessions work? 

The frequency and length of tutoring sessions are determined by both participants' availability and can vary from daily to once a week. All sessions are conducted over Zoom. Every session is one-on-one to ensure that each lesson plan is personalized and that a meaningful bond is formed between every tutor and child pair.

How is the material for each session planned? 

Tutors use a combination of online resources and classwork from each child to design effective lesson plans. Tutors emphasize deep understanding over the pace of each session, enabling lesson plans to be comprehensive and fulfilling.

What language are the sessions conducted in?

Sessions are conducted in the language that the student is most comfortable in, and tutors are chosen and paired accordingly.

Are the sessions only during the summer?

Tutoring sessions can extend into the school year, but the duration of tutoring sessions is determined by the availability of both participants. If a student's tutor cannot continue sessions during the school year, the student will be paired with another tutor.

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