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Our Mission

Founded in 2020, the Mesh Project seeks to promote meaningful bonds and a profound comprehension of a variety of school subjects through one-on-one free online tutoring sessions with the goal of aiding immigrant children to settle into the Greater Boston Area. Our team is committed to making a difference, one session at a time.

Who We Are

Our team is comprised of high school students from Newton, Massachusetts that have a passion for learning, teaching, and social justice. Our tutors are skilled at planning thoughtful and productive sessions and thoroughly explaining core concepts.

Our Team


Anais Mobarak

Founder and Tutor

As a daughter of two immigrants, Anais has always been passionate about social justice for immigrants. She also has a passion for teaching, which she exercises beyond The Mesh Project as a captain of her school's debate team. Her hobbies include playing piano, cooking, and hiking.


Vyja Bernard


Vyja has experience teaching young children at Boston Lithuanian School and is eager to continue working with young people. Her favorite subjects include chemistry and photography, and she enjoys participating in Lithuanian cultural events in her free time.


Michael Mi


Michael is passionate about teaching and helping kids expand their interests. He has experience as a chess teacher at Century Chinese Language School and also as a math tutor. His hobbies include soccer, swimming, and chess.

Mika Sade


As a child of immigrants, Mika found The Mesh Project as a perfect place to take her experience with immigrant parents and combine it with her love of learning. Beyond tutoring, Mika is editor in chief of her school newspaper and works at a local restaurant on the weekends. Her hobbies include baking and hanging out with her dogs. 


Matan Kruskal


Matan values education very highly and believes that a good education should be accessible to everyone. He has experience working with children from being a teacher's assistant at Congregation Dorshei Tzedek's Hebrew school for the past two years and from leading services for children at his synagogue. He loves learning (especially Latin and math) and is eager to pass that love on to others. In his free time, Matan enjoys writing poetry, performing in plays, and discussing linguistics.

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